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Musky, you are very welcome. It is such a small price to pay for such excellent boards with tons of great info and loads of friendly chatter. Maybe some day, I will be able to make arrangements to meet some of the gang. Thanks, again. --- Jimmy


hi. really enjoyed talking to you yesterday. You take a personal interest in each member, and that is on reason your boards are superior to all. Hope this next year is much kinder to you, Musky. Also hope you can get more fishing in as it is relaxing and helps with stress. I fish a little on our local lakes so I know what it can do for one. Good luck in all your bets this year too...... Marianne..........Husker Fan


Musky. As of a few minutes ago, I have sent a paypal payment for the new year.   As always, I appreciate the professionalism of your message board as well as all of the winners your members share on a daily basis. …..Thanks, ....... vision


Musky, I wanted to be honest with you I am 27 years old and i've been gambling now since I was 14. What I'm getting to is that as long as I’ve been betting football I have never seen a group of people that is as close as the group on musky! Like I said, I have to be honest, A friend gave me his password 2 years ago, but I never knew I could join myself or I would have then. The past 2 years I would have to say I've won 35k combined. There are some great cappers on board and I would be happy to pay the 100$.I really appreciate yall accepting me! ....... SIPPIBOY

Musky, I cannot express the appreciation of the happy birthday call on Sunday.  This only proves why Muskyman Sports is the class sports site on the internet, since the man that started the site and continues to make the site what it is today, is a class act.  Thank you once again, and I do appreciate what you have done and continue to do with the boards.....Bogey7

I just wanted to thank you for all that you do.  What a great group and board.  Thanks again,....~Bank~.


Thanks Musky for another exciting year.  Muskyman Sports is our version of the “World Wide Web”……..all the information we could ever need all on one site…………..PiefaceJCS


Football season would not be complete without membership in the Muskyman Sports Boards!! Looking forward to another fun (and funny), informative and profitable year, good luck!!.....KennyG


Thank you Musky for a great site, without you and all the guys on here that help sites like this would not be possible. You have some of the best cappers in the business. Everyone needs to thank about all the time and dedication it takes to run a site like this……….Thanks ……Wade (Gilco)

Great job again this year, Boss ... It is my pleasure to contribute to this endeavor in any way that is helpful ... to the best group I have ever been privileged to be a part of …... DUKE